Eight top musicians. We all play in other bands but as The Coincidences we play together as a pretty coincidence. Our repertoire is diverse; from intimately till loud and rough. We can change gears!

Our playlist is for most part Irish folk music, consisting of: quiet, sing-along songs/evergreens, jigs & reels and a bit louder and faster. 

A perfect contribution to your Irish party! 

Band members:

Olaf Borsboom     Charelle Veldhuizen    Marlijn Brink            Peter Bouter

Lead vocals/violin     Lead vocals          Lead vocals            Guitars, /mandolin

Peter Eijsten:            Cas Tebbens          Linda Philipsen        Gijs Nielen
Uilleann pipes/        Banjo                                        Bassguitar, 
trekzak/whistles/                                                                      Irish 
backing vocals/ 

Bandfotograaf: Roberto ten Hoedt

Friends of the Coincidences:

Anouk Platenkamp - Celtic harp - www.harpiste.nl

Connor de Weers - Drums/Bodrhan