Eight top musicians. We all play in other bands but as The Coincidences we play together as a pretty coincidence. Our repertoire is diverse; from intimately till loud and rough. We can change gears!

Our playlist is for most part Irish folk music, consisting of: quiet, sing-along songs/evergreens, jigs & reels and a bit louder and faster. 

A perfect contribution to your Irish party! 

Band members:

Olaf Borsboom         Charelle Veldhuizen     Marlijn Brink            Peter Bouter

Lead vocals, violin     Lead vocals               Lead vocals            Guitars, mandolin

Peter Eijsten               Cas Tebbens             Conner de Weers       Gijs Nielen
Uilleann pipes,           Banjo                      Drums, bodhran         Bassguitar, 
trekzak, whistles,                                                                  Irish 
backing vocals, 

Bandfotograaf: Roberto ten Hoedt

Friends of the Coincidences:

Anouk Platenkamp - Celtic harp - www.harpiste.nl